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April 13, 2009 Matthew Keedy Clifton Fellowship

Here are a few realizations I have come to as a result of reading the comments on

  1. The format of the discussion is conducive neither to learning nor to resolution. Although it is always good to have an “open forum” situation, an open forum where everyone is chattering non-stop and chasing rabbit trail after rabbit trail is useless. Unless, of course, one wants to promote confusion. I appreciate the attempt at dialogue, but it is not working. It has turned into a brilliant opportunity for progressive bloggers to attack and ridicule conservatives, and backslap and cheer one another on as they do so.
  2. Although I started reading the site with the thought that most progressives are kind and open minded, I have instead learned from that the majority of progressive bloggers are just as close minded as those they accuse of the same. I have lost a lot of respect for some of my progressive friends due to their actions, language, and tone in the comments on the site.
  3. Finally, I have come to the realization that is damaging the image of the church. I know that those who started the site desired for a good, productive dialogue to take place, but the comments section has become a place for those who are disgruntled with the church to teach everything from denial of God’s plan of salvation, to “original sin,” to religious pluralism.

To Jay Guin and Todd Deaver, I ask you: Is this the result you had in mind?

Greg Tidwell and Phil Sanders, I appreciate the great job you are trying to do. Jay and Todd, I have read your articles as well, and though I do not agree with your positions, I appreciate your kind manner.

I am sure no one is interested in my opinion, but I think you need to close down the comments section, unless you plan to moderate the way people speak to each other, and what doctrines they teach. If this does not happen, you are simply sponsoring a forum for Christians to be led into false doctrines.  Alternately, what would be wrong with an actual moderated debate?

If you do not agree with the doctrine of “original sin,” why have you allowed it to be openly taught on your site? If you still hold to the biblical teaching that baptism of those who come to faith is necessary for salvation, why are you allowing those who oppose God’s teaching on salvation to run free on your site?

Just my humble opinion, but it appears what started out as an interesting way to hold a discussion, has instead played directly into the hands of those who want to change the simple teachings of the church into a more denominational form, not to mention those who come by just to ridicule the church. In the comments section, the church is being held up to open shame!

I enjoyed passing by there occasionally, but I will be staying about my own work and avoiding the site until a more useful format is implemented.

May God bless you all as you seek to serve Him according to His will,



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